Kairos Consultancy is engaged in job placement of job seekers in various industries. With our experience and expertise, we facilitate immense job prospects for job seeking individuals through our vast network and channel. With area of expertise covering almost all the industrial verticals like Automotive, Telecom, Banking/Finance, Insurance, Infrastructure, FMCG, Engineering/Process, CD and Pharmaceutical/Healthcare, we… Continue reading JOB PLACEMENTS


Resume has a vital role to play in interviews. Resume is the first impression of an individual’s skills, ability and target orientation. Through resume, individuals present themselves in front of the company to get a job. With a well-made and effective resume, half a battle is won. KAIROS CONSULTANCY assists individuals and job seekers in… Continue reading RESUME BUILDING


India features among the few select nations who have gone through only minor influences of the current recession (year 2008/2009) drive. The scenario of automobile sector is still brimming with buoyancy and growth prospects. Phenomenal increase has been registered in the domestic market. At the same time, there is an unprecedented surge in global sourcing,… Continue reading CAREER COUNSELING