India features among the few select nations who have gone through only minor influences of the current recession (year 2008/2009) drive. The scenario of automobile sector is still brimming with buoyancy and growth prospects. Phenomenal increase has been registered in the domestic market. At the same time, there is an unprecedented surge in global sourcing, thus creating excellent opportunities for automobile market in the country.

The Indian automotive industry is consistently creating ripples and making its presence felt in the international market. Its contribution to the exchequer has been phenomenal all through the rough days. The sector maintains a fine record of a 4% contribution to the nations’ GDP. More so, it forms almost 5% of the total industrial output. In terms of potential, experts predict the industry to touch the figure of US$ 33-40 billion by 2015.

With its potential to grow and focus on R&D and integration, the sector is set to bring joy on people’s faces in the coming days. Attractive career options are coming up, and job-seekers from round the globe are lining up to get a chunk out of this brimming automobile sector.

With this immense growth prospects, KAIROS CONSULTANCY is also ready to help entities solve the manpower crisis to leverage on the prospects. As the solution partner to top vehicle manufacturers, we have already placed many professionals in the sector and still lending hand to solve manpower issues.

With the consultants from the Auto industry, we’re ensuring vacancy filling for top level positions. All types of positions are consistently being filled by us to active support the endeavour of the industry in growth.