Kairos Consultancy is engaged in job placement of job seekers in various industries. With our experience and expertise, we facilitate immense job prospects for job seeking individuals through our vast network and channel. With area of expertise covering almost all the industrial verticals like Automotive, Telecom, Banking/Finance, Insurance, Infrastructure, FMCG, Engineering/Process, CD and Pharmaceutical/Healthcare, we ensure placement for prospective candidates.

First of all, analysis of candidates’ potential is carried out in a bid to enable them certain job opportunity. From middle level to senior positions, we recommend candidates with skills, experience and ability to deliver. Once the process of assessment is done, we match the profile of employers and employee to align the best with the best.

With our job placement service, we ensure that right candidate reaches to the right position to aptly unleash the skills and ability to bring growth prospects for the employers. We give opportunity to job seekers to tap their potential in the best possible way.